Megadeth Live in Malaysia 2017

Metal fans - rejoice! The wait for these legends to come to town are finally over, as American trash metal band Megadeth makes its way to Kuala Lumpur on May 4, 2017. Widely considered the 'big four' of the trash metal music genre (alongside greats like Metallica, Anthrax and Slayer), the band will be performing… Continue reading Megadeth Live in Malaysia 2017


KFC’s Chizza Marries Pizza with Fried Chicken

It sounds like something a college fast-food junkie would come up with. But KFC has actually done it. Introducing the Chizza - the ultimate fast food mash up of fried chicken and pizza. In place of a dough base is a crunchy fried chicken crust, loaded with oozy cheese and pizza toppings. KFC says the… Continue reading KFC’s Chizza Marries Pizza with Fried Chicken


Japan Now Has … Kit Kat Sushi?

Last year, KitKat Japan pulledĀ a fishy April Fool's prank, featuring 'Sushi' Kit Kats. We laughed it off as absurd.. because who in their right mind would want (or dare) to eat something that sounds like it'll give you diarrhea? Well, the joke's on us: because they've released Kit Kat Sushi for the upcoming Valentine's Day.… Continue reading Japan Now Has … Kit Kat Sushi?